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Jul 28, 2018 The Lakehouse Branson
Jul 14, 2018 Lindberg's Springfield Missouri US
Jun 30, 2018 June Moon Art Experience
Jun 23, 2018 The Lakehouse Branson
Jun 9, 2018 The Foxhole Springfield Missouri
Jun 6, 2018 Lindberg's Springfield Missouri US
May 24, 2018 Lindberg's Tavern Springfield Missouri US
May 10, 2018 PEACHTREE DOWN SOUTH FESTIVAL Crane, Missouri
Apr 26, 2018 Harvest Restaurant Rogersville Missouri
Apr 21, 2018 The Foxhole Springfield Missouri
Nov 20, 2017 Meyer Orthopedic Hospital Springfield Missouri
Nov 4, 2017 The Foxhole Springfield Missouri
Oct 28, 2017 Del Showers Community Center Merriam Woods Village Missouri
Oct 22, 2017 Lindberg's Springfield Missouri US
Oct 20, 2017 Lindberg's Springfield Missouri
Oct 5, 2017 Lindberg's Springfield Missouri US
Sep 15, 2017 Lindberg's Springfield Missouri US
Sep 15, 2017 Lindberg's Springfield Missouri US
Sep 9, 2017 The Foxhole Springfield Missouri
Sep 2, 2017 Copper Run Walnut Shade Missouri
Sep 2, 2017 Copper Run Walnut Shade Missouri
Sep 1, 2017 Lindberg's Springfield Missouri US
Sep 1, 2017 Lindberg's Springfield Missouri US
Aug 27, 2017 White River Tap Room Springfield Missouri
Aug 26, 2017 Wacky Jack's Highlandville Missouri
Aug 19, 2017 MY HOUSE! SPRINGFIELD Missouri Uni
Aug 6, 2017 Lindberg's Springfield Missouri US

That sure was fun.

Aug 5, 2017 Private Party
Aug 2, 2017 Ozark Empire Fair Springfield Missouri US
Jul 28, 2017 The Lake House Branson Missouri
Jul 20, 2017 Harvest Restaurant Rogersville Missouri

My Goodness! Tamara and Chef Craig and the crew certainly did put on a fantastic evening for us! If you have not yet been to Harvest Restaurant in Rogersville (actually nicely out in the country), you should call for reservations NOW! For a Thursday evening, the place was unusually full, and everyone there was obviously enjoying the heck out of their evening. Oh, yeah, I was playing music, too. But I got to stay for dinner afterwards with pals Monte and Linda Aspelmeier (happy birthday, Monte), and the gnocchi was wonderful, the cucumber salad crunchy and delicious, and the others had rabbit, which they said was quite flavorful and delightful. So go! (PS I sure hope they have me back!)

Jul 16, 2017 Private Party Springfield Missouri
Oct 22, 2011 Galloway Station Springfield Missouri US
Dec 17, 2010 Lindberg's Springfield Missouri US
Nov 27, 2010 Harlow's Springfield Missouri USA
Aug 14, 2010 The 37th Annual Bob McCroskey Old Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream Social Springfield Missouri
May 1, 2010 Harlow's Springfield Missouri USA
Apr 24, 2010 Rum Runners Springfield Missouri
Apr 17, 2010 Harlow's Springfield Missouri USA
Jan 9, 2010 Harlow's Springfield Missouri USA
Oct 6, 2009 Luttrell's Auction Barn
Aug 8, 2009 The 36th Annual Bob McCroskey Old Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream S MO
Jul 26, 2009 Washington Park Springfield MO
Jun 27, 2009 Harlow's Springfield MO
Jun 19, 2009 Springfield MO
Jun 12, 2009 Library Center Springfield MO
Mar 28, 2009 Harlow's Springfield MO
Mar 7, 2009 Harlow's Springfield MO
Dec 13, 2008 Glasgow MO
Nov 22, 2008 Harlow's

Wow! Was that FUN or what??? The Stagaroo's just keep getting tighter and the folks are noticing!

Oct 25, 2008 Harlow's
Sep 27, 2008 Private Party
Sep 20, 2008 CIDER DAYS ON WALNUT Springfield
Sep 13, 2008 Pappy's Cafe Springfield MO
Aug 2, 2008 PARK CENTRAL SQUARE Springfield MO
Jul 23, 2008 Big Momma's Coffee & Espresso Bar Springfield MO
Jun 28, 2008 Pappy's Cafe Springfield MO
Jun 1, 2008 Pappy's Cafe Springfield MO

Stag welcomed SLICK ANDREWS to the stage for an impromptu performance. And what a performance it was!! See the photos--you just never know what will happen at Pappy's Cafe!

May 18, 2008 Friends of the Symphony (Kansas City) Kansas City MO

I was thrilled to perform during the after-concert cocktail party for the Kansas City Friends of the Symphony! Quite a welcoming group--everyone friendly and welcoming! A certain gentleman seated himself right by a window (well, it was ALL windows on the 22nd floor!) and listened to every song I sang, smiling & tapping his foot. I caught several of the patrons singing along with some of the oldies, and in general it was quite festive and fun! Thanks to my SUPER SISTER-IN-LAW, Nancy Woodland, for "underwriting" this appearance--you're the best, Nancy!

Apr 4, 2008 Downtown Springfield Springfield MO
Mar 15, 2008 PARADE
Oct 5, 2007 Ophelia's Tapas and Wine Bar Springfield MO
Sep 29, 2007 Private Party can't tell ya MO
Sep 27, 2007 Ophelia's Tapas and Wine Bar Springfield MO
Sep 15, 2007 Cider Days Springfield MO
Sep 5, 2007 Ophelia's Tapas and Wine Bar Springfield MO
Jul 28, 2007 The Port Grill Table Rock Lake MO
Jul 14, 2007 Ron's Family Restaurant Fair Grove MO
Jul 7, 2007 KNIGHTYME BAR & BILLARDS Springfield MO
Jun 15, 2007 The Library Center Springfield MO

Well mighty fine and a great big western HOWDY to all you folks who came out for this dandy event!! The crowd numbered over 250 on the patio at the Library Center, and they came to hear music! What fun -- many thanks to everyone, especially ADINA our very own little cowgirl dancer! Thanks also to Jeannie Duffy, Lorraine, and all the Library staff who made it possible and comfortable!

May 18, 2007 Red Ribbon Ride Patron's Party

I so much enjoyed this event! The kindness and generosity of people here in the Ozarks is overwhelming, as is the dedication that the staff of the Aids Project of the Ozarks shows in their work. Thanks, Lynn, Marcia, all of you!

May 16, 2007 Ophelia's Tapas and Wine Bar Springfield MO

Well, it was not a typical Wednesday night for Tom & the crew, but we had us a fun time! Steve came by, as did Mary, and Gary & Rita, and Gary & Susan and also Ken & Connie! Thanks everyone -- I'll be back!

May 6, 2007 ARTS FEST on WALNUT Springfield

Wow they sure get a lot of folks out for Arts Fest on Walnut Street, don't they?

May 5, 2007 ARTS FEST on WALNUT Springfield
Apr 20, 2007 Pittsburg's Family Art Night Pittsburg KS

The weather was just dandy for a stroll along Broadway in Pittsburg, Kansas. Thanks to Patrick O, Tim T, for their hospitality, and thanks to everyone who came out to see art and music! Come to Springfield some 1st Friday to see our Art Walk, too.

Mar 15, 2007 The Artichoke Sandwich Bar Wichita KS

What a fun evening. My big glam fam showed up en masse and we rocked the joint. Thanks, everyone!

Feb 16, 2007 Harlow's on Kimbrough Springfield MO

So much fun to be had!
Les joined me and we waited & waited for Stag to show up but he never did. Neither did Jason. Oh well -- we sure had a blast anyway!

Feb 15, 2007 Borders Books Music & More Springfield MO

What can I say? It was 12 degrees. Frickin' cold. A few people showed up, godluv'em.

Jan 29, 2007 Pappy's Cafe Springfield MO

Wow what a night!
Actually there was less than a capacity crowd at Pappy's on this cold winter night. I know everyone is still reeling from the winter ice storm, and staying snug inside. That's OK -- the 12 of us had a great time. Try to make it next time!

Jan 20, 2007 Boca Raton Historical Society Building Boca Raton FL

I sure hated to miss this...for one, because I was invited, and also because it's undoubtedly warmer in Florida than it is here in Springfield.
Have fun, kids!!

Oct 23, 2006 Pappy's Cafe Springfield MO
Sep 15, 2006 Harlow's on Kimbrough
Aug 26, 2006 Ice Cream Social Springfield MO
Aug 14, 2006 Pappy's Cafe Springfield MO
Jun 21, 2006 The Rasta Grill

Wow was it hot! But the entire McCoy family showed up (god bless'em) and Kirk, and Lean & Frankie, and John & Susan. So we had some fun!

Jun 16, 2006 Harlow's on Kimbrough Springfield MO

Carrie Beason opened for me, and had a great show! With Randy Ebrite on harmonica and mandolin, and Dennis Spencer on upright bass, patrons were treated to some fine tunes and sweet sounds. Thanks, Carrie!

Jun 2, 2006 The Rasta Grill
May 17, 2006 The Rasta Grill

What a fabulous evening to be out on the patio at The Rasta Grill! I saw so much glorious-looking food come out of that kitchen, and such thirst-quenching libations, that it was difficult for me to keep my mind on singing! Thanks so much to Lou Whitney for assisting me in setting up the PA for a full sound, and thanks to Lou & Kay for their rapt attention throughout, to the Ozark Paddlers who showed up en masse, to "The Wayne Family", to Pete & Linda and their party, and to the mysterious adirondack chair-sitter who really showed how to enjoy a night in a strange town. I think Mark & Ron enjoyed the turnout--thanks for your support, everyone! PS Stormy, hope you can forgive me!

May 13, 2006 The Anchor Drinking Establishment Wichita KS usa
May 12, 2006 The Studio, Wichita Kansas Wichita KS

I cannot say enough nice things about the gig at The Studio. What a welcoming group of people there to celebrate the birthday of Bo Cameron, nephew of my good friend, Mitch Cameron. I re-connected with all the family & friends, and made a bunch of new ones. The staff was most helpful, genial, and the crowd, as I said, was most welcoming! I will return there whenever I'm in town, FER SURE!! Thanks also to Errol for playing drums along with the crazy stuff we made up! If you haven't been there, you should check it out...quite a little club!

May 11, 2006 The Artichoke Sandwich Bar Wichita KS

I love this place! Unfortunately I only had a few bites of my rueben, but it was out of this world! And the enthusiastic crowd at this little bar from 8-10 was more than a little gal from the Ozarks could have asked for! Thanks to Nathan & his entire family, and to Aaron for buying CD's and thanks loads to Pat Audley, proprietor extrordinaire for hosting such a fun gig. I'll be back if they'll let me!!

May 10, 2006 The Pump House Wichita KS

What fun--and what a wonderful job thses folks did in turning a little old gas station into one of the hippest bars in Old Town. Several tables of after-work professionals enjoyed my crooning, and I overheard a couple of them comparing me to Bonnie Raitt--over the top!!
Thanks to Corey & Jim Ross for having me. I'd love to come back for another gig here, or maybe just a couple of the fine beers they serve & I'll listen to someone else--I hear it's gonna be a real hot music venue and I don't doubt it!

May 6, 2006 Walnut Street Arts Fest Springfield MO

Well, a little rainy, but still a nice crowd. Thanks to all who showed up on purpose(!): Bob, Mark, Genny, Dave & Susie & Merle, House, McKay's, who'd I forget? And thanks to Jan for getting me on the schedule.

Apr 28, 2006 Harlow's on Kimbrough Springfield MO

Well, the weather wasn't nice, so we set up inside. This was the first time out for our new sound system (SLS speakers & monitors), including mics & all. It turned out quite well, if I say so myself. Lots of partiers came out for the show and we did a bunch of giggling.

Apr 23, 2006 Rainbow Coop Jackson MS

Luke and Charlotte were wonderful hosts and Steve did a teriffic job on the sound system. It was a lovely day in Jackson, MS and I set up out in the park with the diners and dancers all around. Almost pastoral. Quite fun!
And they were serving some dandy beer, too!

Apr 22, 2006 Alcorn Jazz Festival Vicksburg MS

Dr. Dave Miller put on one heckuva conference/festival. I was in awe of the Educators Jazz Band as I was rehearsing with them (about 8.5 minutes, from my calculations), and I pretty much felt my way through WHEN SUNNY GETS BLUE and TIME AFTER TIME. They we got to LULLABY OF BIRDLAND and I think we all hit our stride together. Wow was that fun!

Apr 21, 2006 The Alamo Theater, Jackson MS Jackson MS

Wow what fun! Sherrill Holly and his brothers Kermit and Bubba (sax, keys & bass, respectively) along with Claude on keys and Willis on drums are a fun back-up band. The Alamo Theater is one heck of a facility in a historically black district of Jackson (Farish Street)that is undergoing a restoration, and the Alamo is looking like a crown jewel! There was an enthusiastic crowd at Friday night's performance, and I was quite gratified at the reception. We did One More Weekend, Mess of Blues, and Kansas City. I sold a number of CD's and made a nice donation to the Smith-Robertson Association from the proceeds. Thanks to my local manager, Savina Schoenhofer (my sister!), the gig was a success. Sherrill & his band said they'd love to back me when I come back to Jackson, and that is a "go" in my book! Photos should be posted on the website real soon.

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