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michael stelzer

March 12, 2011

Lean and I are mutual friends. Glad I checked out your music. Great!

Jerry Paswaters

October 27, 2010

love your voice,nice mix of tunes on your site.

lance shockley

September 1, 2010

Don Brink might have pictures of the BuffaloBar,from when he played their with Jimmy Guy.Jody and Stoneymight have some I think they fave Jimmys things.Kay Whitney might have some.

MadMitch Cameron

May 17, 2010

This is our website address. Sounds like your still cookin. Glad to hear it. People are droppin like flys around here. We just lost Jon, a keyboard player, last week. Aunt Betty died week before last. Stay healthy, keep on truckin. Mitch


February 19, 2010

Katie Who!!!


July 19, 2009

The new look is great. Just the look for a bigger and better star.


April 16, 2009

Listened to your CD twice in a row in the truck.....dam good. When's the next one?

Darren ( Big D the Mangler) Roe

February 21, 2009

Loved listening to you guys. That was the most fun I have had in a long time. Please put me on your list. Thanks again to you and Bob for the hospitality,

Wes Wilson

October 25, 2008

Hi Katie - This sounds like such fun - yes - and if you'll pardon a senior moment - I did meet you and your husband at Camille's party - didn't I - ??? - I love getting forgiven when Im wrong.
Les Gallier is a fine old acquantance of mine as well and a super musician who knows tons of good songs and easily plays perhaps a dozen different instruments. Yes indeed - I'd sure enjoy a bit of 'staggaroo frivolity! Everything here being equal and good tomorrow - so perhaps I'll head into SGF tommorrow evening - in order to personally enjoy a gentle dance spin - or an 'in control' stagger or two - there at the Harlow's staggaroo deelee !
Thanks for thinking to invite me Katie!!! - Wes Wilson

Jack Rayl

September 26, 2008

I spoke to you at the last Ice Cream Social and at Pappy's when you were singing with .......I was pleased to be with such a likable group of people at your place. I'll see you next time at Pappy's. Jack PS Best to Bob


July 24, 2008

That smile, those eyes, that voice, thoses glasses, D.A. has gone OVER THE TOP..we miss too............


July 22, 2008

That smile, those eyes, that voice... nice webpage, too.

Annie Keyes

July 21, 2008

Katie McCroskey rocks!


July 21, 2008

I love the website. Thanks for the dates as i plan to see you then...I'm still planning on cooking for the social...maybe Jack want's to help this year??


March 29, 2008

Hey Katie the new T-shirt fits Great but the Ride'um Bullfrog LOGO makes my butt look too big


March 29, 2008

"Ve get so soon oldt und yet late schmardt

tom & Sue

March 29, 2008

We plan on being in Spfld wed. nite (Sue's birthday) and possibly thur at least part of the weekend. Hope to see you guys then! Katie, don't ever stop playing!
Tom & Sue


March 29, 2008

Workin all angles well what's a workin girl supposed to be all about. Music, real estate, you ought to open up your own bar there in Springfield. You could have your own Tanners' kind of hangout. At any rate thanks for the info still want to see you and if I miss I will sorely be missin you Katie. Best prom date a guy could ever ask for thanks again doll talk to you soon keep the cards and emails comin peace out baby Robbie

Joy Hyde

February 22, 2008

Nice website. I am thinking about puting one up. All I need is time. See you next time.

robert kelley

February 10, 2008

Nice Pic of you!
Robert your Treasure Island Bartender

Gary Wright

August 31, 2007

Hey! The streams sound great! I just downloaded "Over the River". A little darker than some of your previous repertoire - I will treasure this song as we transition towards the Apocalypse. Excellent!

Gary Summers

August 31, 2007

What a delightful web sit. I'm sorry we are spending more time in KC than home. We have a 3rd Massage Envy to open there.
GAry & RaeLynn

Bryan Harding

August 31, 2007

Great site! Looking forward to seeing you soon.


August 31, 2007

No photos of you with Stag at Pappy's. How long till the next album in your contract is out?


August 30, 2007

some hi falutin' web site you got there. looks purty durn cool. good job. keep singin' pretty will ya?


August 30, 2007

Like the big leather guitar strap now that is real punk like. Keep on rockin in the free world katie. Hope to make your show Sept 5th in Springfield all depends on the golf and fun in Eureka springs everybody has to be somewhere if you know what I mean at any rate hope to see you soon. Hope you have a great labor day weekend Peace out kiddo

Ben Smith

August 30, 2007

Katie girl,

Very nice! I'm impressed! Keep doin' what you're doin'. We love listening to your music.

Thanks a gillion for the birthday card. I have always been a little fuzzy even before I aged. Buy one of my listings and we'll celebrate. See you on the flip side.


jay Nicholson

August 30, 2007

Very colorful and complete with information, Katie. Unless I missed them, I anticipated seeing photos of the ice cream social...
Very good and comprehensive site! I have your gig dates down and look forward to seeing you! You have a fun and safe weekend as well. --Jay

Michael & Janice Murrell

August 30, 2007

Very nice photo of a beautiful woman. Who is she?
Just kidding. Very nice. Best wishes,
Michael and Janice


August 30, 2007

Thank you for the e-mail, loved your website & music! We look forward to seeing you live now that we can track you. J