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One More Weekend

(Katie McCroskey)
Bob Dylan
This song is from Bob's NEW MORNING album, circa 1971? Lou likes to call it THE WEASEL SONG, but I like the sentiment behind it: love those weekend hook-ups!
Slippin' and a-slidin' like a weasel on the run, I'm looking good to see you, and we can have some fun! One more weekend, one more weekend with you. One more weekend, one more weekend will do. Comin' and a-goin' like a rabbit in the woods. I'm looking good to see you and you're looking good!
We'll fly the night away, hang out the whole next day, things will be OK you wait & see. We'll go someplace unknown, leave all the children home, honey, why not go alone...just you and me!
Like a needle in a haystack, I'm gonna find you yet. You're the sweetest-gone daddy this girl's ever gonna get. One more weekend......