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Big Fun at Pappy's Cafe - November 7, 2010

Wow! We sure had a great gig on Saturday, November 6, 2010 at Pappy's Cafe on North Main in Springfield. For such a small place, there were sure some fun-loving folks there. And if I do say so myself, the band sounded particularly tight!

The Newest Stagerette - June 20, 2007

By now you may know that I have been accepted into the Stageroo's (Stag Owens' hillbilly swing band). Since I'm a girl, they want to call me a Stagerette. Well, bust my buttons!

We had a very fun gig at the Springfield Public Library on South Campbell last weekend--lots of folks turned out to honor the Western Writers of America, and we did our best to entertain them in fine Western style. Mr. Gary Hagar kindly took some photographs that you'll see here on the website, thank you Gary!

Demise of a Cover Frog - May 22, 2007

It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the loss of a great pal, an icon, really. Rastus, the real-life bullfrog who was immortalized on the cover of my first CD as he sat with princely grace atop a concrete version of himself, has gone from our lives. Tragic events in the early morning hours of a recent May day were unseen by human eyes, but the offending Great Blue Heron returned once and again to snatch him from our pond, our hearts. Rastus is survived by his mate, Jezzabell and his young protege, Opie Juan Canopie. Please sign the guestbook with your farewells and kind remembrances.

Snoops - May 10, 2006

All I know is this bar is in Wichita. I played with Joe Stumpe, who also happens to be the Food Editor for the Wichita Eagle. Hmmm. He quite the accomplished musician, as well! Thanks to Maggie Meetz (my sis) and Lyn, Dan, Colin & Jana for attending this impromptu show, and thanks to Curt, who totally FREAKED when I launched into Lonnie Mack's OREO COOKIE BLUES. See photos on the photo page.

The Alamo Theater - April 22, 2006

Every third Friday in Jackson, Mississippi, a band of well-seasoned musicians (mostly former music educators) gather to perform at the Alamo Theater on Farish Street. The theater has been renovated recently and is stylish, clean, comfortable, practical, well-equipped...really just a wonderful facility. I was fortunate (due to the publicity efforts of my sister, Savina) to perform a few numbers with the band, which is led by Sherrill Holly (sax) and includes brothers Kermit (keys) and Bubba (bass) and non-family members Willis on drums and Claude on keys. There are regular performers (Bobby Smith, Pam ?? & others) and the evening provides an opportunity for listeners to hear the blues and jazz they long for in an atmosphere of community and kinship. It's an enviable resource, and gratifying to see the support that's given for the event. Sherrill was excited about he possibility of my returning in the fall and getting together again, maybe even for a paying gig or two! Hey, I like that idea!

What my record is like - March 1, 2006

I made some reel-to-reel recordings in the 70's in Concordia, Kansas in a guy's kitchen. Sang harmony with myself to Gordon Lightfoot and the like...This is nothing like that.
In the 80's a bunch of us sang & played around a campfire a few nights and a friend tape-recorded it. Pretty cosmic, actually....this is nothing like that.
But that's where this came from. And because it came from those places, it's seasoned. Seasoned with rhythm that pulses as flames around a campfire. Seasoned with an aroma that is at once clouding and clarifying. Seasoned with joy for its own sake. But it's not so deep, really. Just pretty darn fun music, swingy and bluesish and kinda catchy.

CD NOW AVAILABLE - February 16, 2006

We did it! The baby is born! I picked up the first run of YOUR PLACE OR MINE on February 14, 2006 at about 3:30 pm. The package is ... well, it's hard to use the superlatives, because it sounds so trite, but it's an award-winner, I know. Give me a call if you don't like it. Or if you do!
In a few days, this website will contain a link to CDBaby's Katie McCroskey page, and there you will be able to purchase the CD on-line with credit cards. If you'd like to receive one by mail from me and have me bill you for it, that suits me fine (in fact, it's preferable). I am making a nominal charge for postage & handling. Just drop me an email ( and I'll send it out!

Everyone wants to know when the CD RELEASE party will be...wish I knew!
I don't have one scheduled as yet, but if you're on the email list, you'll be notified about it, don't worry.
Thank you so much to everyone who encouraged me through this process. You are the true stars in my life!

Downtown NOW magazine - February 1, 2006

Be on the lookout for the February issue of Downtown NOW magazine! Ann Keyes has written a real nice article about me & the CD. She makes me sound like some kind of torchy-type, but it's just hype to sell the record for Valentine's Day. You who know me will giggle at the descriptives (I know I did). But maybe it will give someone the idea to buy the record for the sweetheart! Yeah, that'd be nice...

Gig Report: SMBA Installation Banquet - January 29, 2006

Thanks to Crista Hogan, who asked for a a jazz duo at the swanky Hickory Hills Country Club function. Joe Terry was gracious enough to accompany me on the baby grand (stretching himself out of the Skeleton mold to play a bunch of smarmy old-faves for this gig). Thanks to Dr. Tedd for the beverages. Good fun!

Gig Report: Harlow's Jan 27 - January 28, 2006

As always, a really fun gig at Harlow's, the most friendly place in town. Lots of familiar faces, more than a few new ones, and darned near all of 'em smiling! I tried out a few new tunes (Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round, Ain't A-Goin' that Far) and I think they'll make the "A" list next time.
Big Regret: Too many anxious fans strolled in at 8PM, missing my set entirely...guess I'll have to be more emphatic about times in my emails to you-all.
Thanks for coming, staying, enjoying & encouraging, and tipping your waitstaff (ERIC & APRIL ROCKROCKROCK).

Graphic Design by McK - January 19, 2006

ADDY Award-winning graphic design firm, McK, accepted the challenge of producing the packaging for YOUR PLACE OR MINE, sending the project directly to the top designer and owner, Lean McKay.
Photographs by well-known artist (and local swell guy) Jim Mayfield grace two panels of this eco-friendly package, while Kay Tolliver Whitney's cool photo of Katie and Katie's own photo complete the design on front & inside covers. Printing and CD manufacturing is being handled by Dave Cantrell of Cantrell-Barnes Printing. Only the best seem to be involved with this project!

Mastering has Begun - January 13, 2006

Randy Kling, DiscMastering LLC in Nashville TN is in process of mastering our CD, and we expect its return very soon. Randy's one of the best, check out his website (see links page).

Downtown NOW - January 11, 2006

Ann Keyes, writer and frequent contributor to many local publications, accepted my invitation to be a "fly on the wall" during part of the mixing sessions of YOUR PLACE OR MINE. Ann's article will be published in Downtown NOW Magazine' February 2006 issue. Mike Crowder, the magazine's guru, shot some photos at the studio. The mag's free, so check it out!

Recording Wrap-up - December 30, 2005

A flurry of activity marked the final stages of recording YOUR PLACE OR MINE this week: Richard Bruton blew in with sax & flute, Bo Brown added a dandy Dobro, Michael Cochran smoothed a lead guitar part, and David Wilson never even broke a sweat laying down a truly swell fiddle. Last night the boys (Donnie, Joe, Bobby Lloyd & Shookums) entered hand-clap hell, threw down some gang vocals, then Bobby Lloyd finished up with high-energy percussion (the veritable icing on the proverbial cake). We're darned near done, folks!

Merry Christmas to all! - December 22, 2005

Gearing up for Christmas vacation, even in the Studio! Today we'll record Richard Bruton's solos on a couple of tunes, and Bo Brown's Dobro for another. It's looking really good for a late January release date, so email me your orders!

Winter's Done Come Down - December 17, 2005

Those Undergrass Boys fans out there will recognize RICK (LUMPY) DAVIDSON's lyric from Winter Song on their album. It's grey and brown in the woods, but the starkness and quiet and hidden life both soothe and excite me.

Nothing stark or quiet in the studio, however. Tunes are poppin' and hands are clappin' and we're on the home stretch with YOUR PLACE OR MINE.

Some good advice prompted me to dive into a re-write of the title song, and I'm looking forward to recording it next week.

We were fortunate last week to capture the energy of RANDY EBRITE's harmonica for a couple of tunes. He's working on a career in talk radio -- ask him about it.

Delighted to report that we're scheduling in RICHARD BRUTON (most awesome sax in 417-land and beyond) and BO BROWN (Hogmolly's working on another CD, too!) for solo spots. It's really quite exciting to have so much expertise and creativity abounding in these parts. The best part? They're all cool dudes and friends!

Current estimated release date: Late Jan/Early Feb

CD Update - November 27, 2005

I couldn't be more pleased with how this thang is progressing -- unless it was free! I'm relying heavily on the expertise of the Master Dude (LW) and so excited about how the vocals are turning out. We've got several more to wind up, and looking forward to getting the "sweeteners" in the Studio.
Sadly, a pre-Christmas release is doubtful. But as I once heard a wise man say: If it's a good record before Christmas, it'll be a good record after Christmas. Well, it'll be a good record, I do know that!

Making a Record - November 18, 2005

Oh my is this fun! I got to watch as four guys I hardly knew took my little songs and made great tracks out of them! There is some serious synergy and high-level energy involved when you put Lou, Bobby Lloyd, Joe & Donnie together in the studio.
The basic tracks are laid and during the next couple of weeks, we'll fill it out with solo instruments and vocals. George Horne and John Gott joined in for a couple of tunes, and we'll be bringing in Michael Cochran for special guitar licks & solos, Randy Ebrite for harmonica and calimba ("Calypso Joe" box), David Wilson for fiddle, and some other surprise guests along the way, too. Huey Lewis? Quincy Jones? Sting? I can attest: CD's make great birthday presents!

Slight Setback - November 5, 2005

Well, due to a nasty chest cold last week, recording of the demo track was put off until Monday. Consequently I'm eating tons of garlic, taking in lots of Vitamin C, and getting plenty of rest and liquids.

But I am so pumped to get this thing going!! At the risk of letting the cat out of the bag, the lineup of studio talent is awesome: D. Clinton Thompson, Joe Terry, Lloyd Hicks, Michael Cochran, Lou Whitney, John Gott, David Wilson, Randy Ebrite. The best part is that I get to play, too!

Recording SOON!! - October 31, 2005

Wow, the days are moving ahead quickly, and my recording session is coming up very soon. If you have a "wish list" about what you'd like to hear on my first album, let me know. I've got most of it planned, but you never know--a good idea can still be implemented!

Stockton Bratfest - October 22, 2005

Well, this is a time-honored event, but it was my first time --a virtual bratvirgin was I. Some extra-fine tempered folks gather by the Grand Mariner's nearby park, Shark Park for libations and bratwurst. The actual host of this party is none other than Gary George "Jonesy" Jones, carpenter and rehab foreman extraordinaire. I was pleased that the rain held off until the last notes of "Beginning to See the Light" were fading. Thanks -- I hope I am invited back next year!!

Gig Report: 10/21/05 - October 22, 2005

Whew! Who knew so many people would pack into Harlow's for a Friday Happy Hour gig? Hope everyone was served in a timely manner; Eric and April worked their rears off and I didn't notice anyone being underserved.
There was a nasty rumor going around that this was my final gig--fie on't (as Billy Shakespeare would say)! Absolutely not--it was, however, the final in a series of 4 Happy Hour shows at Harlow's (The Fall Harlow's Tour).
It's so much fun for me to see all you folks who come out...naming names I'd surely leave someone special out, but you know who you are, I hope. If I didn't say so in person to you, I apologize! As I think I may have said during the gig, I don't know what I'd do without you fan-types...probably stay home a lot more! Thanks loads, I mean it!

32nd Annual Ice Cream Social - August 20, 2005

Katie was thrilled to open the stage for THE UNDERGRASS BOYS at the 32nd Annual Bob McCroskey Old Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream Social held on the grounds of the McCroskey Compound just northwest of Springfield, MO.

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